To be eligible, gross annual income cannot exceed:


                                                            50% of AMI                60% of AMI

1 Person                                              $39,800                       $47,760

2 Persons                                             $45,500                       $54,600

3 Persons                                             $51,200                       $61,440

4 Persons                                             $56,850                       $68,220


AMI = Area median income for Rockland County.  The Rockland County area median income used for the year 2020 is $111,900.


PLEASE NOTE:  The maximum allowable incomes are subject to change annually and are based upon the area median income as determined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


Note: L&M Spring Valley LLC reserves the right change the eligibility criteria to the policy for admission at any time.

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